Everyone knows that Bovey Farmer's Day is the most important day of the year. If you lived in, or visited Bovey, Minnesota, within the last 100 years during Labor Day, you have seen a small town celebration that will remind you what America is all about.

I grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and when school let out for the summer, the family headed up to Bovey, Minnesota to visit my Grandma, Marcellaine Scinto. I was fortunate to have seen Farmer's Day from the point of view of a kid, and I still have that. My brothers and I were "big city" kids, so we really knew nothing of parades, street fairs, that sort of thing. I guess they had them in Minneapolis, but I don't remember ever going to one. Or if I did, it didn't impress me. But I was deeply impressed by Bovey Farmer's Day and it remains one of my fondest memories.

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Bovey Farmer's Day - the most important day of the year!

Photos and images of Farmer's Day in Bovey, Minnesota

Bovey Farmer's Day 1930

19th Annual Bovey Farmer's Day, 1930. From the book 100 Years Bovey Farmers' Day 1912 - 2011 by Don Boese and Patricia Walls. Used with permission.


Bovey Farmer's Day, 1945

Bovey Farmer's Day, 1945. A float for the Bovey "Merc" in front of my grandma's house on fifth Avenue, across from the Bovey school. Photo by Jack Scinto, my grandfather.


Bovey Farmer's Day

The most important day of the year - Bovey Farmer's Day!


Bovey Farmer's Day Parade 2011

Bovey Farmer's Day parade 2011. Photo by Lonna Broze, used with permission.


Bovey Farmer's Day 2011

Bovey Farmer's Day crowd, 2011. Photo by Lonna Broze, used with permission.


Bovey Farmer's Day 2011

Bovey Farmer's Day, 2011. Photo by Lonna Broze, used with permission.