Custom cartoon illustrations for books, T-shirts, magazines, textbooks, children's books, blogs and all types of publications.

To order a cartoon, contact Brad, tell him exactly what you want, and he will give you a free quote. You will see a pencil sketch to approve before the final art. Your illustration can be supplied to you as a jpeg, pdf, or any format that you would like, at any size. Prices start as low as $95. This is original, custom-made art done to your exact specifications. Paypal and Chase Quickpay accepted.

Brad Hall

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Cartoon Ka-boom!       Cartoon Family Portrait

Cartoon of a little girl putting a leash on her dog       Cartoon peanut butter surfing cowboy

Cartoon of the Lost Dutchman Jacob Waltz        Cartoon miners

Cartoon dog       Cartoon baseball player

Cartoon kid eating cereal       Cartoon detective Sherlock Holmes

Cartoon Illustration by Brad Hall

Terms and conditions

Illustrator is entitled to use all illustrations for self promotion purposes.

50% deposit of estimate required for rough sketch, remainder for completition of final art.

Cancellation: Deposit is non-refundable after rough sketch has been submitted.

Prices start as low as $95 USD. Free quotes. Paypal and Chase QuickPay accepted.

Brad Hall

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Brad, we've been a client of yours for 20 years, and you never cease to amaze us with your talent! Especially the way you tune in to create exactly what we need for each instance. We now have over 1,000 of your custom cartoons to perfectly illustrate our custom visuals, handouts and newsletters.
Judy Weldon, Joel Weldon and Associates

Brad, the illustration was, in a word, FANTASTIC! I give you a simple idea, you create a sketch, and it turns out to be EXACTLY what I had in mind. First time, no redo's. I'm going to really enjoy working with you. Your illustrations are PERFECT for my blog stories!
Russ Kelly, Rambling Russ

Brad, the drawing for Brenda was an absolute grand slam!!! It went way beyond my expectations when it was finished on paper. She spent the entire evening looking at it over and over and making sure everyone else at the party got a good look at it also. Thank you so much for helping make Brenda's birthday incredibly special.
Steve Schumacher, "The People Guy", Management Consultant/Trainer

Brad, you are incredibly talented! Thanks again so much for your great work and rapid responses!
Debbie O'Connell,

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Updated September 11, 2014